April 19, 2014


I came across this Sad'n'Sassy banner on Tumblr and felt this perfectly embodied the look for this spring. It's never really that chic to look as though you're profoundly satisfied, is it? One's allure is mainly determined by how gut-devouring a secret it seems like one is keeping, while still looking earth-shatteringly snazzy. It's all about looking beat down, but with a #beatface.  This spring, you are a Baudelaire poem as narrated by RuPaul. You are #sadsy
Here are three key S/S14 looks for the sad yet sassy among us.

1) A Kit Neale top. Its print and colour palette reminds people of the glossy covers of their 80s childhood friendship books (#sadface #nostalgia), but the mesh fabric also gives onlookers a hint of nip (#cheeky #sass). 
2) This Carven get-up. Ben Allen's face just says it all, really. Beige, beige, beige - ooh, chartreuse?
3) These Neil Barrett tops. The fluidity of the prints reads like the crashing waves of your caliginous state of mind (#dark), yet a resounding finger-snap can also be heard throughout the world when you and your bestie step out in matching outfits. (Sidenote: Seriously Ben Allen, do you need a hug, though?)
All images copyright of the respective brands. Editing by me.

Are you ready to be #sadsy?

March 09, 2014


I spent some time at the magnificent Château de Versailles and I have no words. Quite 'simply' the most mind-boggling display of opulence and utter human megalomania I've ever witnessed. Obviously I loved every crystal-encrusted, gold-wrought inch of it. If it takes people hours and several blisters to get across your lawn, you know you're a boss. Hashtag Ancien Régime realness.

Immi XIV wore a blazer by H&M, shirt by Zata, jeans by Levi's, clutch by Dries Van Noten and shoes by Les Hommes.

March 04, 2014


Meet Chariffe Greaves. On social media he goes by the name of Reefy and he first struck me with THAT FACE in late 2013, when I reblogged a picture of his on Tumblr. It didn't say his name, so when I haphazardly came across it this week I made sure to take stock. He hails from London with a twist of Barbadian/Guyanese blood. As a semi-Caribbean myself I couldn't not give this kid a proper plug, right? He's already done great work at London Fashion Week for labels such as Astrid Andersen (where he killed everyone's weave game), Christopher Raeburn and Kit Neale. He's only turning 20 this week, but I predict big things for this one. #REEFYBABY

Credits (top to bottom): Amber Grace Dixon, Chariffe's portfolio, source unknown. and Supa Model Mgmt's Instagram
Chariffe is currently represented by Supa Model Management.

February 09, 2014


I've always felt particularly self-conscious about my lanky stick legs. I can't count the amount of times I have picked at them and cried: "If I were woman, these legs would make me the next Nadja Auermann!". But to no avail, I was still me and didn't have 'desirable' beefy man limbs. So imagine my delight upon seeing the Juun J show for next season: oodles of wisp-thin boy legs! These pins had me in a daze. Normally, runway shows don't make you feel much better about your body but I'm glad that this one kind of did. Micro shorts, bulky tops, boots and boxy clutches it is!

Images: Fucking Young!

January 25, 2014


These are the things that are currently bestowing life unto me:

Grace Jones at Studio 54

Sacha M'Baye smiling

Giving side-eye

'Nike' and 'Lukas Grout' by Theo Spencer

This insect-encrusted jumper by Lanvin

Jack and Lazaro listening intently

The sneakers at Chanel Haute Couture '14

Raf & Ruby

Bit Bit

Versace SS02 by Steven Meisel

Blue Ivy's tiara 

Getting ready to go to the supermarket

Tricky's Chinese Interlude